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Barbara put together the website for our new business. She was amazingly insightful and flexible with our needs. I cannot stress this enough… Barbara is better than anyone I have ever met at explaining, documenting, and instructing a client in how to navigate the various web/internet platforms.

Albert Stern
Healing Village Collective



Thought you’d want to know that my website is getting results. I have several already signed up for the newsletter, and just this week, 2 new potential clients. One from Colorado Springs and just got off the phone with a guy from Baltimore, MD. Oh, and I sold a few books too!

Keidi Kramer
Write Winning Grants



After a year running my own web site on Yahoo, I decided I needed to upgrade the site, the technical capabilities and the marketing and sales I was able to do on it.I had a pretty good idea what I wanted to accomplish, but the first two web developers I went to tried to talk me into what they were good at…either had cookie-cutter ideas or 100% design but no real web commerce abilities. I was more concerned with the functionality and wanted to get graphics at a minimum price.Barbara not only listened to me, she understood the web issues related to what I was trying to accomplish 100%. She wrote a detailed project proposal with a lot of research in it, and then gave me lots of time to ask questions.

Once I decided to proceed, she laid out a project plan, hit every date we agreed to and was always available to answer questions. I had a steep curve to integrate some new marketing and sales concepts into my business. Barbara helped me learn as I went so I could get it all in place, and never once did I have to wonder if she was working on my site – she was always at the next step ahead of me.

After it was all said and done I spent about half what I thought I would (and $2000 lower than even her initial proposal) and ended up with an incredible website.

Barbara knows what she’s doing. I’m glad I hired her to be on my team.

Scott Birkhead
Managing Partner
Sensible Hire, LLC


I appreciate the fact that Barbara asked me questions I never would have considered thinking about! She took painstaking care of all the details when designing my site, from slight color variations to font selections to layout. Barbara’s combination of technical expertise and artisanship set her apart in a crowded profession.Susan Remkus
Copywriting etc.
8060 Allison Place
Arvada, CO 80005-2558
Susan Remkus, Copywriting etc
When Barbara Bailey was referred to me, I thought heaven had landed in my lap. Her knowledge, expertise and creativity in the further development, marketing and maintenance of my website was exactly what I needed. Four other web masters had tried and failed.Besides her wealth of knowledge, she is dedicated to supporting my business by her timely response to any problems that might arise – day or night.I have been working with Barbara for 10 years and as far as I’m concerned, she is the best.”Barbara Kelly

If I was to give Barbara a grade for her heroic efforts, it would be A++++. As far as I’m concerned, she is the best!

Hi BarbaraI would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding service.After starting on the web in 1998 through another company who did a web page, we spent a year not even being able to find our page. We then had a local company build our site and spent another year being able to see it but getting no traffic from it.

Of course, then we found you. Not only did you give our site the professional look and touches it needed but, through your knowledge and marketing techniques, we rank extremely high on all the big search engines. If we need any changes done or if a problem arises, you have dealt with them promptly and we have never had a minute’s trouble with site down time or anything else.

As for your recent price increase, I can say that it was long over due. We have been with you for the past 6 years and you have maintained your same price. As everything else we do has gone up around us we have had to raise ours, too. I personally feel you could have even gone up a little more for the service you provide and still be competitive with the mainstream. There will always be people out there with lower pricing. we have been down that road at the beginning and would not think of going there again!

So, thanks again for all you do for us!

Keith Keller
Neptunes Divers


Barbara, our relationship with you has nothing but positive for many years. We want to continue that relationship.Charles Kingsland VP, Marketing & New Business Development
Bestwork Industries for the Blind
801 E. Clements Bridge Road
Runnemede, NJ 08078
856-939-5220 x15
Barbara/John,You guys really do a nice job.TC
The Auto Answerman 

Barbara has been wonderful to work with! My partner and I were complete novices in having a website to support our new business and Barbara carefully and knowledgeably talked us through all our options making sure we understood how the site would work, how to do our shopping cart, and how to set up our credit card account. Barbara is also very responsive to questions, changes, and problems that have arisen as our site has grown. I love the fact that I can e-mail Barbara with a question and get a response in less than 24 hours. Then, once a decision has been made, changes are made in record time. I whole-heartedly recommend Barbara for creating and managing your website.

Darcie C. Frohardt