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Our Process

Here’s how we work:

Everything we do is customized to the client’s needs. We don’t have any “design packages” to sell you.

The first thing we do with any prospective client is sit down to discuss your goals for their website, social media, or other online marketing. We do this by asking a lot of questions, designed to uncover all the pieces you’ll need to accomplish those goals. Some people tell us that we ask some pretty hard questions. Then they thank us for taking the time and effort to really see their business through their eyes, to hear their concerns, and get a good handle on everything they want to accomplish.

At the end of the first meeting, both we and the client should have a good sense of whether working together on this project is a good fit. While they are deciding whether they might like to hire us, we are evaluating them to determine whether their project is one we would like to undertake, and if they fit our profile for a good client. If there’s not a good fit, we shake hands and go on our way.

If we both agree there is a reason to talk further, we usually set up a second interview to review a preliminary plan, and make any adjustments needed to make sure the plan fits the clients needs exactly. There is no obligation at this point, however, the plan remains with us until an agreement is reached. Sometimes, the first interview flows so quickly that a second meeting isn’t necessary. However, when it is, we will ask all questions necessary to make sure we are on the right track. Usually, between the first and second meeting, there is “homework” for both sides so that we come to the meeting prepared to make a final decision on whether or not to move forward.

To make the most efficient use of everyone’s time, we communicate with our clients by email and phone throughout the project. To make sure we are both “on the same page,” Email is preferred so that all communication is documented. Phone calls are followed up with a short email synopsis. That protects you because it insures against any possible misunderstanding, and keeps the process running smoothly. At every stage of the project, the client will know what is to happen next and when, by following the calendar, and the email communications.

If we are creating a website:

The web template is created first. Samples are provided to the client in a flat image file. Once the client has approved the template (which may take several revisions) the image is broken into the pieces necessary to build the structure of the website. Our websites are created using Cascading Style Sheets, the language necessary for successful cross-browser compatibility.

After the template has been created, we start with one page at a time; filling in content and images, and optimize each page for search engines, accessibility and user-friendliness.

When the website is complete, it is made Live (uploaded to your server space on the internet) when final payment is received.

If we are marketing a new website:

Marketing of the website will commence once the website has been made Live. We use web analytics and research to determine the best online advertising venues for your message and link, and provide monthly reports.

If you are looking for advice, or training, so you can proceed on your own, we’re happy to consult with you at our normal hourly rate. If, at the end of that meeting, you decide you’d rather have us do the work, that consultation fee is credited to the project contract.

This, of course, is just a brief overview of our working process. We welcome your questions so that you can gather the background necessary to determine whether you would be comfortable working with us. Feel free to call or email for more information.