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Social Media

Being social is good for business!

Clients typically come to us when they find that navigating the world of social media makes their head spin.  They are struggling to decipher the language and tools available, and don’t know how to evaluate each networik
to determine if or how they should get started. Often times, they’re worried that they may breach social media etiquette and do more damage than good.

Not only do we use social media, we know the tricks, tips and tools available to make life easier as you use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other online networks to grow your business and enhance your online reputation.

We can manage your social media from start to finish.

Services we offer:

  • Evaluate your current social media networks, and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Help you determine which social media you should utilize to reach your target customer.
  • Set up your profile on LinledIn, Facebook,Twitter, or other social media.
  • Create Facebook Fan Page and custom Facebook apps.
  • Custom Twitter backgrounds.
  • Hands-on training, including both how to technically use the tools, and how to present the right marketing messages as you grow your network.

Blogging and YouTube are social, too!

We can help set up your blog, write your posts, and market you via the search engines and our social networks. If you don’t have any videos on YouTube, now is the time to start. We can help you set up your YouTube channel, engage the right videographer (or show you how to use your webcam) and optimize your videos for the best return.